Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1000 followers and i give away a xbox 360

if i get a 1000 followers i will give away a xbox 360 with games and controllers
i have to have a 1000 or more before may 30th

xbox 360 vs play station 3

i have all ways like xbox's so that is what i bought but a couple days ago my xbox 360 broke but is wasn't the red ring the tray wouldn't come out. i was wonder are ps3's built better. i was wonder what do people think. which are built better, which have more things, and what do people think are better.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The devil inside

last night me and a couple of friends went to the movies and thought it would be a good idea to see the devil inside...... but it wasn't. the movie was only 1:30 minutes long and there was only 3 scary parts. when i saw the trailer i thought that it would be a great but was one of those movies where the trailer showed all of the good parts. If so one asked if i wanted to go again i would say no even if the tickets were a dollar. if you are thinking about go to see this i do not recommend it.the devil inside trailer

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy new years

2011 was a a good year and i am hoping that 2012 will be better.  I want to know what people will happen during 2012 and what is are there resolutions. comment and follow

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who am i and why am i doing this

 i am a a teenage boy that lives in a small town with a little to much time on his hands. I am in high school right now and one of my friends was talking about his blog, when i herd about it i was interested so i made my own. I am doing this to see what people views are on certain topics or questions, so i want people to follow and comment on my page. If you comment on my page i will check your page out and will follow. I will be checking this page at least once a day but will try to update it as much as possible.